April 2020 Calendar

We are trying to implement more activities to accommodate the new changes that have come down from the CDC and CMS. We ask that you please bear with us and know that we are working diligently to ensure that you are still active and as socially engaged as possible. Please take part in the ability to go for a ride with your CNA or nurse or any team member around the facility in the sun. We love to spend time with you and would truly enjoy the opportunity. Do not hesitate to ask us to call a loved one or try and video conference with them. If you have a cell phone or tablet that already has the capabilities we would love to assist you with getting on to our wireless network and face-timing, Facebook messenger video calling or google duo video conferencing with a family member or friend. We welcome any suggestions you have to help add new activities to our facility. We will continuously try and come up with ways we can safely engage with you and provide you with safe and healthy activities.

April 1
10:00 Creating Community Strength Through Service
3:00 Resident Council

April 4
10:00 Movement and Motion
3:00 Afternoon Movie Matinee

April 5
10:00 Church Service
2:00 Ice Cream Social

April 9
10:00 Mr. David/Nail Appointments
2:00 Bingo

April 12
10:00 Church Service
2:00 Ice Cream Social

April 17
2:00 Acrylic Paint Twist

April 22
2:00 Music Therapy

April 25
3:00 Sunshine Seekers

April 26
10:00 Church Service
3:00 Music for the soul