Letter from the Administrator

March 31, 2020 — The recent recommendations and directives by the CDC and CMS have forced us to take highly unusual measures in order to protect the residents entrusted in our care as well as to protect our dedicated staff. We have restricted visitation in our facility to ESSENTIAL medical personnel only. During this temporary restriction, our residents will... Read More

Traditional Easter Symbols

March 31, 2020 — While some Easter symbols are widely known, a few are not: Easter Bunny – The hare is one of the most adorable and well-known symbols of Easter. Children wait to catch a glimpse of him hopping to their house with a basket full of goodies. Easter Candles – In the Christian faith, white candles are... Read More

Success Story

February 5, 2020 — Mrs. Hazel B. is a long term resident at our facility. Staff began to notice some changes in her ability to transfer, having less upper extremity strength, decreased standing tolerance and decrease in standing balance. Our staff referred her to the therapy department who stepped in to help. Occupational therapy identified the stated deficits and... Read More

Welcome New Residents!

February 5, 2020 — We would like to send a friendly welcome to all of our new residents! It is our honor to be able to assist you with accomplishing your goals and a privilege to be a part of your success. We are very happy to have you here and want to thank you for giving us the... Read More

Activity Highlights

February 5, 2020 — This year is the “YEAR OF WELLNESS” and February is Heart Health Month. In honor of this month’s topic we will be having a educational seminar on Heart Health that is open to the public on February 7th at 10:30 in the North Day room. We would love for anyone who is interested in learning... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

February 5, 2020 — As we embark upon February there are so many things to celebrate concerning Love. Loving yourself with Heart Health Month, Loving each other and embracing each other’s cultural differences with Black History Month and Loving your spouse or significant other with Valentine’s Day! Let’s explore these three hearts of love and see how we can... Read More

Reduce Stress with More Vitamin C

January 6, 2020 — It’s all too easy to feel that you need to reach for the medicine cupboard when stress causes headaches and fatigue. Research shows that vitamin C is a healthy alternative to combat stress and may also have latent benefits such as preventing colds. Vitamin C may reduce both the physical and psychological effects suffered by... Read More

Soup: A Meal In a Bowl

January 6, 2020 — Despite the shorter winter days, our schedules do not slow down. We tend to seek out hardy, quick to prepare meals. Making a pot of soup is a perfect solution for a healthy, hot choice as it’s often called a meal in a bowl. There are dozens of different healthy soups that you can make;... Read More

January 29 is National Puzzle Day

January 6, 2020 — Jigsaw Puzzles: Food for the Mind, Heart, and Soul Jigsaw puzzles are normally viewed as learning toys. They can also do wonders for one’s mood and mind! What Educators Say Jigsaw puzzles can be “food for the brain,” professionals believe. At various phases, they stimulate the learning process. Continuous play enhances a person’s inherent ability... Read More