February Success Story

Mrs. Mary was admitted to our facility for short term rehabilitation after being involved in a horrific & traumatic head on collision car accident. Post-surgery and medical stabilization she was referred to our facility. Upon admission her goals were to be able to safely transfer, maintain her weight bearing precautions & optimize her independence with activities of daily living to restore not only her functional abilities, but her overall independence. After multiple weeks of focusing on bed mobility, strength training, activities of daily living & transfer training via the sliding board, she received orders to increase her weight bearing as tolerated allowing for progression to stand pivot transfers, resuming full showers/bathing tasks safely & standing balance tasks. This allowed for an immense amount of progression within a 2 week time period thus allowing her to transition to her daughter’s home in South Florida in which she is currently enjoying per our follow-up calls. From start to finish, we were amazed at her progress, as well as her ability to overcome both the fear & anxiety of this life changing event! Thank you for the opportunity to serve your rehab needs Mrs. Mary & thank you Dr. Bryant for letting us attend the MD follow-up appointments so that we could ensure ideal collaboration.

With Mrs. Mary’s permission she would like us to share these photos of her reunited with her family in hopes that it will encourage someone to never give up on your goals!

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