Letter from the Administrator

With Thanksgiving on the horizon after such an eventful year we are still finding ways to be thankful for the little things. We are now open for visitation and could not be happier that this is happening just before the holiday season. We ask that you schedule a visit with your loved one and give them the opportunity to see your smile in person once again. This time of year always reminds us that each new day brings us many reasons to be grateful so take this time to cherish one another! On Thanksgiving Day our residents will be served a Thanksgiving holiday feast! We are looking forward to being able to provide them with some sense of normalcy during the holiday season. We encourage you to call, send cards and most importantly visit with your family and give them the opportunity to feel love from each of you. We appreciate your support as we navigate thru the holiday season and try to make the best of the time remaining 2020.

Gayle Scarborough, Administrator

Categories: newsletter