Letter from the Administrator

Facility Administrator

As we embark upon February there are so many things to celebrate concerning Love. Loving yourself with Heart Health Month, Loving each other and embracing each other’s cultural differences with Black History Month and Loving your spouse or significant other with Valentine’s Day! Let’s explore these three hearts of love and see how we can participate and enjoy the Month of Love.

Heart health is so very important. Eating right and adding some light walking can cause drastic positive change to the direction of your daily health goals. The keys are hydration, quality diet, stress management and exercise. It is the little things that matter most when tending to matters of the heart. The most important thing you can do is take great care of yourself!

Black History Month is a time where we can become more educated on another cultures history and embrace our differences with love and a more clear understanding of one another. It is also an opportunity to understand how our countries diversity has positively impacted the revolutionary growth of engineering, science, architecture and other inventions that we utilize today. Take this opportunity to learn something new and explore this cultures contributions to society not just in things but in being a part of the glue that when united with other cultures create the wonderful society we enjoy today.

Did you know that Valentine’s day is the festival of LOVE AND ROMANCE? Many people celebrate by expressing their affections with greetings and gifts. The greatest gift you can offer someone is LOVE! This gift will always be remembered as a positive impact and put a smile inside the heart of another. Please remember on this day to call someone you haven’t spoken to or seen in a while or stop by and visit with the residents and let them know that you care, they matter and they are Loved.

Gayle Scarborough , Administrator

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