Letter from the Administrator

By now we all have come to know what is considered to be our “new normal”. As we all practice social distancing there have been many changes put in place to ensure we do everything we can to keep our residents and staff safe and healthy. We have tried very hard to maintain some level of activity and keep the atmosphere as light as possible. We understand that some people may experience separation anxiety or stress but please know that we are here for each and every one of you.

We have placed a sign out front to emulate how we truly feel about our staff who make sacrifices and take extra precautions to make every effort to try and keep St. Andrews Bay Covid-19 free. There are many of their relatives and friends who are on the front lines today as well doing the best they can to protect us all during this very trying time. We appreciate all of the frontline heroes who sacrifice on a daily basis to ensure we remain safe and healthy. We also appreciate the patience and kindness and understanding that we have been shown from extended and immediate family members and friends. Please continue to bear with us and we continue to provide the safest environment possible for our friends and loved ones.

Gayle Scarborough, Administrator

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