Special Events

We are constantly thinking of and seeking new innovative ways to incorporate safe activities into our residents daily lives. As we embark upon celebrating Nursing Home week and Nurses week in the month of May we intend to brighten the atmosphere even more. We will be playing games, having sing-a-longs and various other activities to keep us moving about. Families, if you have baby or youth pictures of your resident that you would be willing to email to we are having a contest to guess the resident during the 2nd week of May. We will also be doing a guess the life story contest and will be interviewing our residents and writing a paragraph to guess who the story is about. Feel free to email Robin with any information to assist us in our games.

On the last Monday of May we will celebrate Memorial Day and honor our active duty servicemen and women who gave their lives so that we could live in this beautiful country we call home. We are so very thankful for the sacrifices these noble human beings made on our behalf. We look forward to remembering them in a very special way!

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