Success Stories

Vestelle A. is a long term care resident of our facility well known for her beautiful outfits, her kind words & her love for all social activities. She is often the first to greet anyone she comes in contact with & is always full of joy. She was identified for a decline in functional mobility & activities of daily living via our quarterly screening process resulting in the need for skilled physical & occupational therapies. While Mrs. Vestelle is not a fan of traditional exercise, she does enjoy participating in activities that challenge her balance, allow her to be walk about, tasks that involve going outdoors & she is fiercely competitive so she is sure to show us how it is done with several laughs along the way. As a result of skilled interventions, Mrs. Vestelle demonstrated outcomes beyond her documented prior level of function & we are all ecstatic to see her succeed!

Mrs. Patricia M. is a long term resident of our facility known for her bright pink lipstick that she wears framing her beautiful smile. She was evaluated & treated for a decline in independence during functional activities of daily living through our quarterly screening process. As a result of skilled occupational therapy services she was able to achieve her optimal level of functional independence & surpass her prior level of function from her last therapy case. Congratulations to Mrs. Patricia on her achievements!

Gwen A. was admitted to our facility after a ground level fall. The interdisciplinary team of this facility worked together to manage her pain symptoms thus allowing her to participate in skilled therapy interventions of physical & occupational therapy, achieve her functional goals and safely discharge home. In her own words Mrs. Gwen stated, “I was so depressed & in so much pain when I arrived, I cannot believe how far I have come.” A round of applause & job well done is definitely necessary for her rehabilitative process! Congratulations, Mrs. Gwen, you did it!!!!!

Robert W. was admitted to our facility after multiple hospitalizations that had left him deconditioned with a bed bound status. After medical stabilization he was transferred to our facility for skilled therapy services. Physical & Occupational therapies evaluated and begin treating his debilities centered around his deconditioned state for functional gait mobility, transfers, bed mobility, standing balance, stair negotiation & activities of daily living to perform self-care tasks. As a result of these patient centered goals for each plan of care, Mr. Robert was able to quickly regain his functional mobility to transition to the next level of appropriate care, returning home with his wife to receive home health services. Given his overall deconditioned state, even he was shocked at how quickly he responded to the therapy interventions & was able to successfully transition home in a swift amount of time. Job well done team!

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