Success Stories

Ms. Sandra W. was referred for skilled therapy services due to an overall functional decline but is a wonderful representation of overcoming & recovering from this virus! Sandra is no stranger to our therapy department & was a daily visitor to the gym prior to the pandemic as she enjoyed visiting with the therapy team, meeting our short term residents & offering encouraging words with others every morning over a cup of hot coffee. She is the ultimate picture of success & we are over joyed to have her bounce back in full recovery mode as she is definitely our rehab cheerleader for the facility! Congratulations to her on achieving her goals!

Ms. Olga I. is the poster child of rehabilitative success! She contracted polio at a young age but has met life’s hurdles clearing them with leaps & bounds. She admitted to our facility after complications resulting from a motor vehicle accident. Upon admission she explained she was determined to learn to functionally perform out of bed tasks & activities of daily living in order to get home as soon as possible, which resulted in her short stay. She was a trooper & rose to the occasion daily despite the feat before her. It was a pleasure to be a part of her journey!

Mr. Wayne B. received skilled OT services in recovery of Covid 19 focused on improving his functional strength, mobility & independence during activities of daily living. Wayne is methodical in his ways with a consistent scheduled time of his therapy & he actively participates in formulating his plan of care, exercise routine & new ways to challenge himself in order to maintain his independence. Despite the hurdles of his recovery, he always brings a joke & a ton of laughter to the therapy gym so we are thrilled to see him achieve his functional goals with leaps & bounds in improvement!

Ms. Arlene C. is a long term care resident for our facility that was identified for skilled therapy services needs through our monthly screening process as she had functional declines requiring skilled Physical & Occupational therapy services. Arlene is no stranger to our therapy services as she is motivated to maintain her highest level of functional mobility, independence & quality of life. She brings a smile to all that know her, emphatically loves crafting & getting all dolled up, as well as spending time in the activities department. The Covid 19 pandemic resulted in precaution restrictions with new challenges but she did not let it slow her down as she let us know right away, “I need something to keep me busy & active,” so we got right to work identifying ways for her to do just that. Arlene is a great example of the resilience & class of her generation, congratulations to her & the team on achieving her goals!

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