Success Story

Mrs. Hazel B. is a long term resident at our facility. Staff began to notice some changes in her ability to transfer, having less upper extremity strength, decreased standing tolerance and decrease in standing balance. Our staff referred her to the therapy department who stepped in to help.

Occupational therapy identified the stated deficits and created a plan of care to include goals concerning lower body dressing, taking on/off her shoes and standing balance during activities of daily living. Mrs. B is known for her fashion sense throughout the facility, so shoes were oh so important to her. Mrs. B was also evaluated for custom shoes that would suit both her fashion taste and functional needs. She quickly chose a bright pair of pink and purple sneakers from the catalog. While the shoes were being adaptively created for her, she continued with therapy. On the day of her shoe delivery she was ecstatic with their fit, color, and style placing them on immediately…she has since worn them daily and exclaims, “Have you seen my new shoes, they are dandy” when strolling through the facility. Not only did she get a new pair of “kicks” that she adores, she achieved all of her therapeutic goals!

Instances such as these are the heartbeat of our facility and provide us with the pride of not only serving our residents from the community but those who choose to call St Andrew’s Bay their home.

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