Success Story

It is our pleasure to acknowledge Mrs. W. as our latest success story. Mrs. W. came to us with a desire to return to her assisted living facility. She had a ground level fall and was having some difficulty regaining strength and returning back to her normal life. She was lively, optimistic and very determined from day one showing us all just what she was made of. This of course occurred after her morning hot tea and breakfast because those were her only rules of participation she established as prerequisites to her daily therapy skilled interventions. As reflected by her significant recovery concerning both her prior level of function , admission levels and discharge accomplishments, she was able to return to the halls of her assisted living facility with her “Cadillac”, also known as her rollator walker ambulating in style. Just as she had set out to do as a result of skilled Physical and Occupational services. It was a pleasure serving Mrs. W. during her stay and we each miss her big grin followed by the most precious, English accent that projected a “Top of the Morning” to us all!

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