Success Story

Mr. Patrick B. came to us after a myriad of health complications and prolonged hospitalizations. As a result of his complex complications he could tolerate only a few weeks of treatment before he transitioned to skilled nursing care at our facility to allow for his body to heal. By the end of March, he was ready to give therapy another go. He shocked every staff member within our facility as he demonstrated gains with every discipline achieving functional mobility goals, ADL independence and most of all resuming oral intake. His personal goal was to return to a regular diet in which he did rather swiftly. Mr. Patrick B. stated at the time of his discharge, “I could have never done this without this amazing team, especially Kristi, my speech therapist. Being able to eat made all the difference in the world for me to make other improvements.” As a result of skilled nursing, therapy services & his own determination, Mr. Patrick B. demonstrates the desired outcomes for all of our patients as he was able to return home with home health services to live independently. Shout out to Mr. Patrick B. for his hard work & the phenomenal skilled team that made this story one of such success, especially his favorite therapist, “Kristi.” Congratulations to all on this phenomenal success story!

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