Success Story

Mr. Danny M is a local community veteran who came to our facility seeking rehabilitation in order to transition to an assisted living facility to enjoy further retirement from the US Air Force as a budget analyst in which he rehabilitated & achieved placement. He entered the facility greeting us all with a big smile & informing us that he was here “to be put to work and determined to return to the ALF. Despite his underlying dementia, Mr. Danny was sharp, remembered his therapists & started right away at “analyzing” his desired outcomes, establishing goals to achieve his ideal independence & explaining his needs. He is famous for “bartering” for a Payday candy bar quite often so he insisted on the delivery of this “treats” as he steadily progressed to his goals, not only achieving them, but surpassing some of his prior standard abilities.

It was our “Payday” to see him succeed & we wish him all of the very best! He is a beloved community veteran & we appreciate him returning to our facility when the need arose for rehabilitative services.

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