Success Story: Mr. Alonzo K.

Mr. K. has been a viable member of this community his whole life. He was employed by Captain Andersons for 63 years and just recently retired at the beginning of this year. He came to us in July of this year with very limited walking ability and was unable to perform day to day activities for himself without assistance, nor did he want too. Mr. K. began his therapy and was extremely happy with his therapy team.

As the days progressed he went from having to be encouraged to willingly and anxiously being ready to participate in therapy. It was anticipated that he would spend a minimum of 4 weeks with us. However, in 18 days Mr. K. walked out of St. Andrews Bay without any assistive devices. He was discharged! He shook hands and praised the staff while thanking them for all the help and care he received while here at St. Andrews Bay.

We have since followed up with the Mr. K.’s family and received many thanks. Mr. K. is back to his old self! He’s happy and looks forward to doing home therapy with Kindred. We at St. Andrews Bay have truly enjoyed not only Mr. K. but the entire family participating in his care and look forward to hearing nothing but great things!

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